Peddler Night Market 101

Street food, cocktails and craft beer

Peddler Night Market is the most exciting food market that Sheffield has to offer. Despite being situated in Kelham Island, which is outside of most student areas, it has become increasingly popular over the past year.

On the first Friday and Saturday of every month, Peddler Night Market comes alive with a variety of international street food from Hong Kong to France, alongside live music and independent art stalls. Follow the smell of delicious fried food and you will find it.

Get down there early

Last summer, Peddler’s popularity soared and people were queuing around the block by 7pm. Now that the weather is colder, it might not be as busy, but I would still recommend getting down there early to make sure that your favourite food hasn’t sold out.


The market doesn’t start until 5pm on Friday so it will already be dark. For a magical, festive atmosphere, Peddler is the place to go. If you want to get in a bit of early Christmas shopping, look no further than Peddler’s artists’ stalls. You can buy everything from paintings to jewellery.

Circle around the whole venue before committing

Peddler boasts an enormous number of street food vendors,  they offer so much more than your local supermarket. I’m talking everything from fresh fish to traditional Indian flat breads, meaning that there are some very serious decisions to be made.

You don’t want to experience the sinking feeling of having bought the most mouth-wateringly delicious mac and cheese, only to find an even more delicious meal later on. Aim to check out every menu before you commit.


Dress well

You can begin to tell who is heading to the market from a mile off. Despite having to wrap up in winter coats, the Peddler clientele are consistently looking on trend.

Whatever you decide to wear, Peddler is an event worth dressing up for (you might even end up in The Tab’s best dressed).

Go for a statement fur coat and a turtleneck to fit in with the night market crowd

Try something you couldn’t get anywhere else

The pizzas and burgers are great, but why not try Hong Kong street food or a one-of-a-kind variation of French poutine? It’s evident that there is something for everyone’s taste buds at Peddler as it offers a tasty array of flavours. A their next event the market are welcoming new trader, Canoodle – the company specialises in Pan Asian street food, so expect exciting flavours from Vietnam, Korea and Thailand.

Thai street food is the one

There are plenty of options for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Alongside beef burgers and fried chicken, Peddler also offers dishes such as sauteed sweet potato and deep fried mac and cheese balls.


By far the best thing about Peddler is the variety. Once you’ve got your food and drinks, you can sit back and listen to live music, or browse the independent art stalls. It is situated next to Despot Bakery, which is open late when the market is on, so you can sit in the cosy cafe with a coffee and a s’mores doughnut.

You can warm yourself by the fire and lean back in a deck chair with a craft beer in one hand and a slice of freshly cooked pizza in the other. If you’re still not convinced that this is heaven, just look at the pictures.

Fairy lights for days

Peddler is Sheffield’s best street food event and the perfect place to go for good food and beer at the weekend.