Best dressed at Peddler Night Market

Such an edgy clientele

Peddler Night Market is the pop up home of mouthwatering street food, craft beers, and live music – an artsy place to be.

The market itself is pretty vibesy  so rightfully it attracts the most stylish clientele. As the weather was typically British, visitors had donned their cosiest scarves and sassiest fur to keep warm. Here’s a selection of the best of the best, those who really wrapped up in style.

Ally Desbiens


Ally’s sassy leopard print coat helped her to stand out at Peddler, being a refreshing break from plain and dark coats. The red hat adds a burst of colour to the look, whilst keeping her nice and toasty. Top marks for such a well put together outfit.

Zak Lomas


Zak’s outfit is the epitome of effortlessly well put together. The tailored garments and neutral tones are understated and work perfectly together.

Eve Taylor and Megan Tutty


Eve and Megan both work patterned, tailored trousers here, which are very on trend at the moment. Paired with statement jackets, these girls show everyone how to have fun with an outfit. We especially love Eve’s fishnet socks.

Sam Marsh


Sam’s outfit is perfect for the cold weather, layering a big  snuggly shirt on top of an even cosier jumper. His outfit is relaxed and casual, ideal for soaking up the good vibes at Peddler.

Rebecca Dicello


Similar to Zak’s, we’re in love with Rebecca’s tartan scarf. Twinned with her big coat she pulls of an eye catching outfit.

Hannah Loe and Molly May Pallet


A fur coat is an essential for remaining sassy despite the vile weather trying to ruin your night.

Samuel Atkinson and Jamie Wilde


These two show how to dress practically but fashionably for a rainy night – doc martens, cosy scarf, and a wax jacket. Jamie’s bright laces add a nice little touch to his outfit.