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Laura Bell
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Say hello to Sheffield’s new festival ‘No Bounds’

No Bounds is set to become a classic

We caught up with Coco ahead of Red Bull’s pop up gig on the concourse tonight

Sheffield born and bred

A pop up Toddla T and Coco gig is happening tonight on the concourse

It’s going to be a #roadblock

You can now check how many computers are available in uni from the comfort of your own bed

Our prayers have been answered

Varsity darts match called off after violence breaks out in crowd

Police were called to The Octagon

Police appeal for information on Hallam Towers death

Police are asking if people saw Thomas that day

BREAKING: A body has been found in the old Hallam Tower Hotel

The body was discovered yesterday afternoon

EXCLUSIVE: actual real life Darude is going to perform at Sheffield SU

Will he play Sandstorm 55 times though?

This is what YouGov thinks you’ll be like after you leave Sheffield Uni

The future is not looking bright

VOTE NOW: Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor

It’s finally time to crown the finest single guy

The Tab Sheffield Power List: vote now

The elite of the Steel City

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nomination: Tom Gurman

Doing it for the freshers

REVEALED: Sheffield’s most popular takeaway

No surprises here

Uber’s scheduled rides feature has just been launched in Sheffield

Thank you technology

The Ridge is shutting down at the end of this year

Ranmoor will never be the same

Hallam SU triumphs over Uni Of in Best Bar None awards

A dark day for Uni Of

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nomination: Bob Brownlees

He’s known as ‘Body Builder Bob’

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nomination: Robert Chappell

He loves Gossip Girl

This third year is the spitting image of SaltBae

SaltBae 2 has been born

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nomination: Christian Todaro

He has a vespa

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nomination: Alfie Webster

‘Well loved, well read, and well endowed’

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nomination: Jake Mitchell

He has a man bun

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nomination: Tom Rampton

Form an orderly queue ladies

Sheffield is the third most burgled university in the UK

One in three students fall victim of crime across the country

Women are being offered a free two hour self-defence class

Feel that little bit safer when walking around Sheffield at night

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor 2017: nominations are now open

Think you know the Steel City’s number one heartthrob?

Sheffield ranked as the sixth greenest city in the UK

At one with nature

Every New Year’s resolution Sheffield students should actually keep this year

New year, new me

Sheffield man jailed after attempting to join Islamic State terrorists in Iraq

He collapsed in court after being sentenced

Man charged with six counts of rape and two of false imprisonment

They happened across six months

Woman who fought off sex attack sheds anonymity to speak about incident

She defended herself after he threw her into a hedge

Adam from I’m a Celeb is coming to Viper Rooms tonight

Another day, another average celeb guest appearance

REVEALED: West Street Live’s most beloved drink

The people have spoken

A man has been hit by a bus on West Street

Police say he has been taken to hospital

A guy used PowerPoint to beg for a Pop Tarts ticket on a Freshers’ page

What is the world coming to?

Drop everything, Sheffield Uni are hiring a £29,000 a year beekeeper

Count me in

What is the ultimate drink at West Street Live?

The hardest decision you’ll ever make

Sheffield legend sets World Record dunking biscuit from bungee jump

The most British world record in history

How to terrify your parents when they visit you at uni

God forbid they clap eyes on any of these

Crookesmoor is officially the best student area to live in

The people have spoken

Why on earth is the Coca-Cola truck not coming to Sheffield on its tour?

We want our festive cheer

Which is the best student area of Sheffield to live in?

It’s time to put an end to this debate

Winter is coming: snow warning issued for Sheffield

It’s happening

The Dark Destroyer from The Chase is hosting a quiz at Bierkeller

Now’s your chance to beat The Chaser

Over half of you think consent classes should be compulsory

Although 46 per cent think they are patronising

Only 21 per cent of Sheffield University students are from a working class background

Hallam admits double the number we do

Barber Road house burgled and car broken into in new wave of theft

Nine laptops and two phones were stolen

BNOC of the year chased on motorbike by killer clowns

Three bikes pursued her on her way home from work

Dan Bean is your new Agony Uncle: send in your questions

Chip shop owner by day, love guru by night

Bachelor of the Week: Ben Humpage

Putting the hump in Humpage

Clubbers of the week: Medics bar crawl edition

One group came as a meal deal

Students’ Union anti-TEF petition reaches over 1000 signatures

They’re trying to prevent fees from being increased

Men’s Hockey team raise over £5,500 to rebuild their club

Their kit got destroyed when their coach went up in flames

The Men’s hockey bus burst into flames on return from away day

Hallam’s team have offered to lend them kit

Bomb scare in city centre forces road closure

A bomb squad is on the way

We went to the Coors Light ice cave rave

We let our loafers loose on the dance floor

Sheffield is the sixth most swiped right university on Tinder

Does this mean we’re fit or desperate?

Police are appealing for witnesses after man dies in city centre

He died after ten brain operations

Here come this year’s batch of freshers

You’ll all look back on these and cringe

So apparently Dabbing Society is now a thing

They’re going to hold Dab-themed socials

Viper Rooms announce new Tuesday club night

It’s called TriBeCa

We spoke to the hallam olympian who’s never been to Corp

Get this boy a blue pint

The do’s and don’ts of Tramlines

Journey juice is your new best friend

The Diamond shortlisted for Worst New Building in UK award

Finally an award we actually care about

Outrage as Wiley didn’t show at Tuesday Club Summer Carnival

He’s being a massive diva about it

New Botanist bar to open in Leopold Square

It will serve drinks in watering cans and food on trowels

Journalism lecturers go on mad one at Pop Tarts

One lecturer lost her shoe

Architecture fresher becomes youngest ever Sheffield city councillor

She is representing the Labour party

A shocking animal rights virtual reality campaign is outside the SU

It has made people cry

Your official BNOC of the year

Bow down to your new king

BNOC of the year: The final

Crown your victor

BNOC of the year: Group three

Cast your votes now

BNOC of the year: Group two

Who will be champion?

BNOC of the year: Group one

The time has come

BPOC of the week: Roo the dwarf hamster

He’ll melt your heart

Killjoys are trying to ban Varsity chants but people are kicking off

The fun police are at it again

Architects chosen for new Hendersons Relish pub design

Initial designs have been released

Police say knife crime is on the decrease after string of recent attacks

There has been five knife attacks in just six days

People are kicking off about Paris’s drink named the ‘Paris Bomb’

Insensitive? Or nothing to fuss about?

Your definitive guide to Sheffield happy hours

We’ve done all the hard work, so you can drink more for less

Police issue e-fit of a man who sexually assaulted a woman in Crookes

It happened along Conduit Road

Abused hedgehog is now recovering and ‘eating for England’

It had its spines cut off with scissors

The driver who killed Bryony Hollands shouldn’t have been driving

He was supposed to have his license revoked

We asked you to describe your landlord in three words

It wasn’t pleasant

Best dressed at Peddler Night Market

Such an edgy clientele

I’m a second year by day, and a male escort by night

‘When I got really desperate, I gave someone a blow job for £600’

OMG! says if you wear pink to a traffic light party you’re a slut

Their poster said ‘pink=slut’

Drug test confirms Sheffield’s MDMA is pure ecstasy

No rat poison in these crystals

Clubbers of the week: End of exams


Someone stole the cardboard cutout of the First Dates maitre d’ from The Edge


BPOC: Olive the kitten

New year, new pets

First Dates is coming to the SU

Fred will be there

The Internet on campus has gone down again

Perfect timing

Sheffield set to get its own Chinatown

Hopefully with a Snapchat filter

Campus WiFi has gone down after a cyber attack

Not what you need in deadline week

Sheffield didn’t even make the list of new graduate employability rankings

But somehow Huddersfield did

Sheffield medics get naked to raise money for Anthony Nolan

Look at all that cutis

Why would you want to live anywhere other than Endcliffe?

Piss off Ranmoor

Pop World is Sheffield’s guilty pleasure, embrace it

Wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care

A leak in the IC caused an evacuation and minor inconvenience

Pray it’s not the Diamond next

The new university merch is perfect for spicing up a tired wardrobe

Cosy. Prestigious. Glam.