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Sophie Wilson
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A festival dedicated to rum is coming to Sheffield this weekend

Calling all rum lovers

Everything to do in Sheffield if you’re single this Valentine’s Day

Things which don’t involve weeping into your pillow to sad love songs

Park Hill to be developed for student accommodation

Developers hope it will be perfect for second, third and post-grad students

A puppy petting day is coming to Sheffield

Drop everything, doggos are coming!

The best of Sheffield’s alternative Christmas markets

Sheff has a lot to offer this festive season

Sheffield to launch app for independent businesses

It will work like Apple Pay

The Night Kitchen to return to old venue for two more nights

It follows on from the cancellation of three events at their new venue

How to support Sheffield’s independent scene

Before all the cool places disappear

BNOC of the Year 2017: Hallam Special

‘The maroon platoon’

The Night Kitchen have set up a Crowdfunder for their new venue

The show must go on

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nomination: Sara Eckersley

She loves getting on the sesh on a Wednesday night

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nomination: Rachel Lynagh

“There’s not much that isn’t smashing about this Scottish lassie”

Everything you could be doing instead of going to your end of year ball

‘Tis the season for getting ripped off

I’m done with the farce that is ‘body positivity’, let’s embrace body neutrality instead

Appreciate what your body can do, not what it looks like

A major fashion exhibition is on at Chatsworth House

Putting the Peaks on the fashion map

Look how pretty Sheffield is now Spring is here

It’s springtime in the greenest city

Best dressed on campus: here comes the sun

Goodbye winter coats

Your guide to the best falafel in Sheffield

Look no further for deep fried chickpea heaven

Best dressed on campus: spring is here

Welcome Spring in style

Park Hill is the sixth coolest place to live in the UK, according to The Times

I love you will u marry me

Celebrating Sheffield women for Women’s History Month

Alex Turner isn’t the only famous person from Sheff

It’s International Women’s History Month: here’s what you need to know

Who run the world? Girls

Come on, Corp school uniform is derogatory and lame

‘Do you have a tie I could borrow?’

Best dressed of the week: the results

“Fashions fade, style is eternal”

The most alt places in The Guardian’s alt guide to Sheffield

Become the coolest person you know

BREAKING: Night Kitchen to close this summer


The Students’ Union are launching a consent campaign this week

Posters about consent will be put up around the SU

Best dressed: first week back to lectures

Vote below

The Diamond is officially the best dressed library

The results are in

Sheffield council: Please light up our parks with street lights

After a woman was assaulted in Weston Park on Monday night, more needs to be done

Vote for Sheffield’s best dressed library

Wavy garms for Western Bank or dressing up for the Diamond?

Your ultimate guide to Kelham Island

It’s officially one of the hippest places in the UK

Meet 2016’s King and Queen of Sheffield fashion

Take note

Alfred Denny building poem has removed more than two tons of pollution

Whoever said poetry is pointless?

Steam Yard named one of the UK’s top coffee shops

Did someone say s’mores doughnut?

Let’s be honest, Ivy Park is not worth the space it takes up in Topshop

Sorry Bey

Women officially need more sleep than men, because our brains are more complex

Treat yourself to a lie-in tomorrow

The ultimate guide to Devonshire Quarter

Independent shops, vintage garms and burger bars galore

Let’s be honest, Carrie Bradshaw is the worst

And I thought to myself, is she actually awful?

Vote for Sheffield’s best dressed in 2016

Did you make the cut?

A roundup of the best feminist remakes of songs

‘Every bigot shut up’

Here’s why we need to decriminalise prostitution in the UK

More and more people are backing the decriminalisation of all sex work

Best dressed on campus: Winter coats edition

Prepare for the Arctic blast in style

The ultimate Sheffield Advent Calendar

Nothing says Christmas quite like Corp

We spoke to women marching to Reclaim the Night

“Whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes, no means no.”

A major fashion exhibition is coming to Bakewell this Spring

Is Sheffield the new fashion capital?

Best dressed at Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

We have vintage garms envy

Best dressed at Peddler Night Market

Wintry vibes all around

Peddler Night Market 101

Street food, cocktails and craft beer

The best of Sheffield Tinder

“No dick pics”

Man chops off his own toe and eats it in Wilkos

He used bolt cutters from the electronics aisle

A male contraceptive pill could exist as early as 2021

It works within minutes to stop sperm swimming

Your guide to Halloween nights out in Sheffield

Prepare for Sheffield’s spookiest sesh

Idiot meninist says ‘women should control their bladders’ instead of getting tax free tampons

Someone give him a biology lesson

Your definitive guide to Sheffield’s best gig venues

Rock on Sheff

Best dressed at Thrifty Store’s kilo sale

Looking nifty at thrifty

Women who drink more are smarter, according to experts

Yeah we’ll drink to that

Style Diary: Best Dressed of the Year

Last year’s best dressed gives us a look inside his wardrobe

We went to Cow’s vintage party and it was so chilled

Face masks and funky clothes

The University of Sheffield according to Facebook reviews

‘Sheffield is Super Sexy!’

A collection of the weirdest sex tips Cosmopolitan has graced us with

‘Using your hands like ping pong paddles, very lightly bat his penis back and forth’

What to do while you wait for a counselling appointment

Self-care is important

How to nail a vintage weigh and pay

I’ll have a kilogram of wavy garms, please

Sheffield’s best vintage stores and what to buy from them

Helping you in your pursuit of wavy garms

Best Dressed: Freshers’ Week Edition

Kicking off the year in style

What to wear for Freshers’ Week in Sheffield

Leave the school leavers hoodie at home

‘Women in fashion shouldn’t be so airbrushed’: We spoke to blogger Natascha Cox

‘It wouldn’t hurt to have a size 12 on a campaign’

My week as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl

I was just so adorkable

Please can we all just agree to stop wearing pool sliders now?

It’s getting embarrassing

Best dressed: Tramlines Edition

Fix up look sharp

How to dress for Tramlines

Comfort and style are equally important

What would you say to the one who got away?

Let them go

The food places in Sheffield to try before you die

From posh brunch to the best burgers, you have to try all these

How full-on are you?

Take our quiz to see if you’re too intense

We asked young Europeans in London how worried they are post-Brexit

‘I feel like I’m not welcome here anymore’

We asked a yoga instructor how to exercise at a festival

‘Find a private tree or patch of grass to roll around and do a wild yoga practice’

Brunettes are better lovers and more fun to date, says new survey

Blondes don’t have more fun, sorry

Who you should date if you’re an English Lit student

A bibliophile’s guide to love

Lads holidays could be in danger if we leave the EU

Which is obviously the most important thing

We asked you what you think about women’s fashion trends

The best dressed tell us what they think about the edgiest trends

Everything you have to do in Tonbridge at least once

It’s got a medieval castle and everything

Napping for longer than 40 minutes can lead to an earlier death

They can increase the risk of a young death by up to 32 per cent

Why I hated going to an all girls school

We were told boys were too ‘distracting’

The 25 most successful fashion bloggers under 25


Sorry, I don’t want to be part of your girl squad

And that doesn’t make me a bad feminist

Best Dressed: Summer Ball edition

These BDOCs are serving some ballin’ looks

We tried Humpit: Sheffield’s new hummus and pita bar

Welcome to hummus heaven

Campus Style: Summer 2016 trends

We asked the BDOC’s

We asked Sheffield tattoo artists about the latest student trends

Dreamcatchers are big at the moment

We asked Sheffield what we should do with Kanye

‘Kim needs to confiscate his phone’

Best dressed on campus: Couples making you sick on Valentine’s edition

You’re secretly jealous

How to dress like you go to Sheffield Uni

Where would you be without your school tie and bucket hat?

Best dressed on campus: Revision edition

Studying in style

These freshers are opening a vibesy new art space

It’s in an old printing factory

Corp shoes: Where are they now?

RIP <3

What are the best selfie spots on campus?

Let me take a selfie

Street Style: Best menswear on campus

Complete with critical perspectives provided by Bee Lokkit

Outrage as The View Deli goes completely vegetarian

RIP chorizo paninis

Bee Lokkit’s ultimate style guide

You’re welcome everyone