What is your group chat name?


We asked people on the concourse to reveal their weird, rude and wonderful group chat names. Some were inventive with hints of the passive aggressive, others were simple and to the point, and some, true to the tradition of the group chat name, were just another way to rinse people’s mates.

Maria, third year, Philosophy

What a pun

Adam, third year, Materials

Gets the point across nicely

Ben, third year, Aerospace Engineering.

“This is not how I expected this day to turn out”

Codrin, third year, Medicine

Meme relevant and entertaining

George, masters, Corporate Commercial Law

Name on tin really

Izzy, Emma and Grace, first years

One for the Pirates of the Caribbean fan girls

Joe, third year, Economics

It’s been a snakey few days

Ben, second year, Aerospace Engineering

A crafty name with double meaning, you wouldn’t want to be known for always dropping the ball