Kieran Barnes
Sheffield News Editor of The Tab

Sheffield masters student wins legal case after being thrown off course for anti-gay views

He reportedly called homosexuality an ‘abomination’

Hallam Towers owner tells people not to enter site after student death

They have said the building is internally ‘extremely dangerous’

Little Mix are so IDGAF and people are finally waking up to it

Even Stormzy has confessed his love for them

Police release CCTV after Division Street assault

The victim was left with head injuries

The Cheeky Girls are returning to Sheffield for Bierkeller

We are the cheeky girls, you are the cheeky boys

A giant inflatable obstacle course for adults is coming to Sheffield soon

Time to unleash that inner child

Pictorial evidence proving Sheffield is the most miserable city in the UK

Look how horrible it all looks

A Sheffield Hallam building was on fire last night

An investigation is now underway

Henderson’s Relish pies are now available to buy

Dreams do come true

The results are in: Tom Rampton is Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor 2017

He is now on hunt for that special someone

Here’s everything you could buy with the Sheffield Vice Chancellor’s salary

You could buy over 200,000 VKs from the Union

A new late night bus service will be running after Pop Tarts

It will drop off at Endcliffe and Crookes

There’s a Q&A with First Dates’ Fred at uni next week

The nation’s fave love guru hits Foundry

You are not too cool for Pop Tarts, embrace the cringe

Spice up your life

Sheffield lecturer claims acupunture can help guys last longer during sex

No pain, no gain

All the places you can go for help if you’re experiencing sexual or domestic violence in Sheffield

Speak out, don’t suffer in silence

The University has responded to the sexual attack in Weston Park

High visibility patrols are being provided in and around campus

UPDATE: Police confirm a woman was sexually assaulted in Weston Park

Police think it happened between 10.35pm and 11pm last night

BREAKING: Weston Park has been cordoned off

South Yorkshire Police are yet to release a statement

The Tab Sheffield want you to write for us this term

Don’t tell us you’re not tempted