Olivia Reddington

Olivia Reddington
Sheffield University


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The best of this summer’s end of term shindigs

Hello fun times, my old friend

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nomination: Emily Banks

Prepare to be blown away

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nomination: Kate Vernazza

Form an orderly queue gentleman

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017: Nominations are now open

Think you’re mates with the golden girl of the Steel City?

Clubbers of the week: March mayhem special

The start of March has brought forth bountiful club photos, praise be

Sheffield Uni has proposed two new buildings for Broomhill

Let us pray its better than the Diamond

Sheffield woman bites off partner’s ear after birthday binge

She also grabbed an officers earpiece and called him a pig

Clubbers of the week: midterm special

Let it loose

What your cup of tea strength says about you

Aka how to spot a psychopath

You haven’t known desperation until you’ve queued for a Pop Tarts ticket in Bar One

“What a sad little life Jane”

All the things we’re going to miss about Night Kitchen

Here for a good time not a long time

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nomination: Tom Holford

He’s not your average engineering student

Clubbers of the week: start of term special

Starting as you mean to go on

Lethal Bizzle is coming to Code


Tramlines announce first line-up

They’ve smashed it

Clubbers of the week: post-deadlines special

Freedom never tasted so sweet

Philip Schofield’s snapchat is the gift the world needed

Soothe us Philip

Weston Park update: victim attacked and woke up two minutes later with no memory of what happened

The police have more information regarding the suspected serious sexual assault

UPDATE: Body found in Bingham Park pond

The police are still unable to say what the investigation is in relation to

BREAKING: Bingham Park closed off by police

The police are yet to release a statement

Sheffield named UK’s friendliest city

Steel city on top form

A sinkhole has opened up in Sheffield city centre

Chaos reigns.

It’s 2017 people, why are you still taking your shoes off in the IC?

Have we not suffered enough?

Finally, someone at Sheffield Uni has told us where the North is

Putting the debate to rest

Police issue brothel warning after Sheffield massage parlour appears on TV

Although they offered no specific comment on City Sauna.

You will never guess who is coming to Plug

Clue: It’s Basshunter

Sheffield’s iconic bassline club Niche to reopen

Tickets for their reopening sold out in five minutes

Clubbers of the week: ROAR edition

The sports teams show us how its done

Everything you need to know about Bluewave

The people behind some of the Steel city’s best nights out

Graduation ceremonies boost Sheffield’s economy by £1.45 million

And that’s just Hallam

ROAR’s competition for ten free tickets has descended into utter chaos

If you thought trying to get a Pop Tarts ticket was bad, then hold onto your hat

Clubbers of the week: end of deadlines celebrations

Your mate’s probably in this

Brace yourselves: Plummeting temperatures set for Sheffield

It’s all downhill from here

All the mistakes you will make in Tiger Works

The motherland

Clubbers of the week: Reading week edition

Reading week only encouraged you

Hope Works nominated for DJ Mag’s best small club

About time really

All you need to know about Sheffield’s top music event organisers pt. 1

Get behind some of the Steel city’s best nights

What are you most afraid of?


Dressing up as a teen mum for Halloween isn’t acceptable on any level

Did it really need saying?

Burnt and dismembered body found in suitcase on Woodhead Pass

Neither the head nor any of the limbs have been found

How to nail your post drinks experience

A skill not to be underestimated

The Leadmill paint party photos are a sight to behold

They can only be described as majestic

Clubbers of the week

The start of lectures hasn’t slowed you down

Clubbers of the week: Freshers’ Week edition

Brace yourself

What’s the biggest lie you have told during freshers?

“I’m a virgin”

What is your group chat name?


Everything that will happen to you at Tuesday Club

Hold onto your bucket hat

Players is by far the worst thing about West Street

Did it really need saying?

Sheffield SU number one for fifth consecutive year


Clubbers of the week: Tramline’s finest

The steel city’s most notorious and fun-filled weekend didn’t disappoint

Hallam fresher Caroline Everest’s death was ‘accidental’

South Yorkshire police previously treated her death as murder but have now concluded no-one else was involved

There are plans to turn DQ into a church

Effectively a U-turn in the key demographic

A music video about the IC from 2008 has surfaced

“Put ya Ucard number on the back of my hand”

The best of Facebook freshers page meltdowns

Combat your stress by laughing at other people’s breakdowns

Woman raped after night out at the SU

It happened mid-way through her taxi ride home

Your guide to post-exam nights out

Hold onto your sanity and plan for post-exams

Union to support arrested student protesters

They will cover travel and legal costs, and offer ‘bust cards’

Every stage of a night out in Corp

Call it fate

The best part of a night in Sheffield is sitting on the Hope Works sofas

They’ll change your life

Street Food Chef opens on Glossop Road

Grill and Go has competition

The SU is honestly the best night out in Sheffield

Don’t fight it

Junior doctors marched in Western Park yesterday

‘Not safe, not fair’

When will Sheffield learn that house parties are better than going out?

It’s like pres all night long

Fire alarm cuts Tuesday Club short

Right in the middle of Barely Legal

Sheffield’s best Tinder game

‘Obviously got Netflix, who hasn’t!’

Bachelor of the week: Matt Hutchinson

Deep breaths ladies

What’s the worst thing about Sheffield?

Obviously it’s not the uni

We asked people at Hospitality to draw their ideal partner

‘Long torso and flippers essential’

Which Hogwarts house are you?

Obviously you’re Hufflepuff if you ever went to St George’s

Our definitive advice for bagging yourself a Tuesday Club photo

We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves