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RHUL employ John Bercow as new politics professor

He has already spent time on campus, had lunch with students and given a talk

John Bercow has officially accepted his first paid job since being Speaker in the House of Commons as a politics professor at Royal Holloway.

Bercow, who was the Speaker of the House of Commons from 2009 and 2019, came to Royal Holloway University on Friday 25th January to spend time with the Politics and International Relations Department.

He gave his first talk yesterday at the university, which students were not permitted to record. The Telegraph spoke to RHUL students who attended the talk and they said he was "happy and chatty" and was "very approachable."

Some students were shocked to hear John Bercow was starting at the university, as the news of his arrival has not been circulated around other departments.

A third year student told The RoHo Tab: "I honestly had no idea he was even coming to the university. It was only when I saw him on people's Snapchat stories that I knew he was on campus. Then this morning I saw on a Facebook post that he was coming to lecture here."

Some students shared their surprise on Twitter:

The Politics and International Relations Society at RHUL also had lunch with Bercow, as they welcomed the former Speaker of the House to the University.

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