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Every inevitable disaster that happens on a night out at RHSU

How many of these disasters have you encountered on your night out?

At the end of a hard week of university work, sometimes all we need is to blow off steam by dancing the night away. Yet those well-needed nights can easily take a wrong direction and turn into a disaster. Here are the disasters which may occur on a night out at the SU.

Having an empty VK bottle to the head

You are dancing away and laughing and joking with your friends, when a VK bottle flies through the air and hits you on the head almost causing you a concussion.

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Queue for toilets

Why is it that EVERY loo (female loos annoyingly) have this never ending line, all three toilets are always mental. BRING BACK THE PORTALOOS.

The chip van running out of cheese for the chips

After a good night out all you want is that hot, steaming, delicious portion of cheesy chips to satisfy that greasy craving everyone gets. Absolutley gutting to find out the van has run out of cheese.

Forgetting your 9am

Being at a good level of drunk and remembering that you have a 9am lecture the next morning. Mood crushed.

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Tops of the Pops?

Thinking and being told that some true bops will be played only to arrived to the disappointing 40 hit charts.

Price of drinks!

Enough said on that one.

The photobomb

Taking a photo with your friends only to look at it the next morning to find out it has been photobombed. All we want are those night out insta worthy pictures.

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Outrageous waiting times for the VK Bar

Having to wait 45 minutes in an insanely crowded queue just for a VK. Added nightmare when you find out they don't have your favourite colour.

Mosh Pit Injuries

Surprise mosh pit resulting in an elbow to the head. You should know better than to try and stand in the middle of the main room.

The dreaded wristband queue

Fear of seeing wristband queue and debating whether or not join the line doubting whether you will get in. If you're that desperate then you better start queueing at 8.30pm.

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Fed up in the Halloween queue

Your crush pulling someone else

That heart wrenching moment when you glance over and see your crush getting with another person.

Being a loner

Turning your back for a millisecond and your friends just disappear meaning you have to spend the rest of the night looking for them. Send for the search party.

When someone's just knocked your VK all over you

Buying a drink for it to be poured over you seconds later. Bet you're happy you waited all that time in the queue to end up wearing it.

I've lost everything

That dreaded moment when you wake up to an overheard post which displays your college card, bank card and ID.

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The Snapchatter

Dancing with your friends when one is constantly on their phone broadcasting the entire night or just scrolling through social media.

Forgot my lighter

Knowing you are now going to have to go and face the smoking area and politely interrupt a fellow smoker to find a lighter because you forgot yours at pres.

I've got no cash

Discovering that the chip van does not accept card and that you only have apple pay with you. You are left sadly watching everyone else eat their burgers and nuggets.

Piggy in the middle

Being stuck in middle of an argument between the two friends you came out with and not knowing what to do. If you had known that they were going to spend the night arguing you would've stayed at home.

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New shoes

Wearing those new shoes which go perfectly with your outfit and forgetting that they will be completely trashed in a few hours.

Kicked out the SU

Being thrown out of Student Union for being too drunk. Automatic night killer. You've paid £5 sometimes even £10 to be kicked out, it could be said security are just trying to their jobs, but just let me party.