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Hammad Chaudhry is now the star of his own student TV show

He’s back !!!

Hammad Chaudhry is a name many RHUL students are familiar with, he was essentially the face (pun intended) of the elections last year and could be seen everywhere on campus.

His campaign was huge, with massive posters spread out across the university and a bunch of supporters proclaiming he would be brilliant as a representative of the student body.

His election ran on his intentions of being a democratic individual whom students could turn to as well as his being a voice to be heard.

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This year Hammad is currently working on something slightly different. He is in works with Royal Holloway Student’s Union and Rhubarb TV to produce an exciting new TV show in which he hopes to really "engage and captivate the student body."

The TV show aims to highlight important topics and issues related to students and campus life, including study and on site facilities, recreation, sports and hall life. The main idea is for the show to be inclusive of all those involved with RHUL, with a focus on helping students via entertainment and information.

The Royal Holloway Tab spoke to Hammad and asked him what he most looking forward to about his new TV show and what he wanted the study body to know: "The best thing is hosting it myself so you get to see me everyday. It's entertainment along with education."

The TV show is currently in ongoing production set for sometime next year with a large team working on big ideas. The team really hope it will be a success and look forward to releasing its first episode sometime in the near future.

Hammad hopes that if successful, there will be students in the future to continue the production of the show and continue to bring new ideas to the table that interest and encompass all those at RHUL.