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How to survive deadline season at RHUL

Deadline season is here and we’re not sure if we can handle it


Deadline season is pure stress – the most stressful season of them all. But what can we do to avoid biting our nails off like our life depends on it, and living off zero sleep?

Here are some tips to help you through this tricky time:

Become the most loyal Starbucks costumer

Who can say no to a hot coffee? Please. It is like liquid motivation. It reminds us to stay cosy, whilst at the same time gives us the energy to get through all those dreaded readings. Do not deny yourself a cup, you need it to bring some energy to those all-too-long study sessions.

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Coffee 24/7

Library all day, library every day

How about going to the library and actually not hating it? Maybe the trick to surviving deadline season here at RHUL is appreciating how productive you feel if you actually get on top of things. Sounds unlikely? You can always make sure you enjoy at least some part of your study time by going to get some snacks to the SU shop (and by snacks I mean popcorn, yes).

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Stressful times??

Meal deals forever

Sometimes, meal deals make me feel like someone working 9-5 in an office, clearly unsatisfied with all their life choices.

Other times, the right combination of drink, sandwich and the perfect sweet treat from the SU shop does the trick.

They can make anyone feel like they’re ready to tackle writing thousand word essays. Drop in an extra espresso and you are even more set for success.

Two for Tuesdays at the good old faithful Packhorse

Drop in on any Tuesday evening at The Packhorse for a relaxed, homely atmosphere and an awesome deal that you could have guessed by now; you order one drink and you get another one for free. Tell me that is not the perfect recipe for a good time with some friends!

Go and take a well-deserved break from all that time submitting essays and lab reports.

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Avoiding deadlines for a living ??

Stay sane

Above all, check up on yourself. Try to not stress or procrastinate. Remember, everything in moderation is key and you know yourself best.

I can try and give you a thousand more tips but the message really just is: take care of yourself.

Let’s survive deadline season!

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