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Nominations are now open for RHUL’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette!

Its time to choose your fighter x

Royal Holloways' most eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette is back! You loved it last year, the year before that and even the year before that and its only right we give the people what they want. It is time to nominate your friends, your housemates, your coursemates and even that one fit lecturer that motivates you to go to your 9am for this years title.

We want to know who you want as your winners and we want to know why you think they deserve it.

Last years winner of Most Eligible Bachelorette was. Sophie who claimed the win to be "the only thing that bought me any joy all year".

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Body for days x

Aadam claimed the title of Most Eligible Bachelor admitting the win made him "feel pretty top notch".

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Look at that luscious full beard, puts your movember bum fluff to shame x

So, if you want to make your friends feel less lonely during this cold cuffing season and give them an actual shot at pulling then GET NOMINATING.

Fill out the form below and be the best friend ever. To keep up to date with the rounds this year follow our Instagram page to keep in the loop.