Newcastle grad left mortified after her dad ran on stage to take pic at her graduation

Forget airport dad, meet graduation dad

£27k and three years of uni all comes down to one moment, graduation day. It’s daunting, real life is about to begin and there’s no going back. But of course, dads can’t help but embarrass you one last time.

For Leah Levi, a recent Newcastle University grad, this is how her special day went when her dad took his proud dad moment too far.

Leah was left mortified when her father, Viktor, ran on stage to get a close up photo of that all important hand shake moment and the moment was all caught on camera.

Viktor managed to snap this masterpiece, worthy of hanging in the Tate:

Leah shared the embarrassing moment to TikTok where the video has now been viewed over a million times. The video shows Leah walking off the stage after receiving her degree certificate, only to be greeted by her incredibly proud dad with his camera right in her face.

Forgetting he had hundreds of people sat in front of him, Viktor didn’t hesitate getting on the stage to snap some close up pics, but the end result definitely wasn’t one for the Insta.

With his flip phone case in hand, he was ready to get the picture of a lifetime and be hailed dad of the year, but all that was captured was a blurry, mortified Leah.


dad = cancelled, me = embarrAZZed

♬ original sound – user147560

Leah told The Tab: “I have no clue what was going through his head, but he’s lowkey giving Boris Johnson vibes with that run.”

TikTok has since fallen in love with Viktor and be blown away by this embracing yet incredibly wholesome moment.

Newcastle University’s account commented on the TikTok saying, “He’s too cute! Dad = hero”.

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Featured image via @l.ealevi on Instagram.