Round two: Vote for Newcastle’s BNOC of the year

Keep the votes coming in, do you recognise any of these BNOCs?

Here we have five more BNOCs for you to choose from, all of them think they deserve to be crowned the winner. The person with the most votes via the form below and on our instagram page @thetabnewcastle will go through to the final where they have the chance to become Newcastle’s ultimate BNOC 2022.

I’m sure you’ll have seen some of these people around campus, let’s introduce them.

Alice Porter, fourth year, Dentistry

Alice is an absolute legend, not only does she study Dentistry but she’s an agric too, what a combo. Her friends say she’s up for absolutely anything, but is that enough to make her the winner?

Cameron Luke, second year, Food Business (on the left)

Cameron is known to mates as “Sir Know Everyone” because of his ability to walk into every bar on Osborne Road and be recognised by 90 per cent of the punters. He’s also shagged in all first years accoms, BNOC behaviour.

Ellie Gartland, placement year, Environmental Science

Ellie never bails on a night out and is on first name basis with various bouncers in the Toon. Known by a solid half of Jesmond’s population, everyone’s got a funny or strange story to tell about her.

Ben Landon, third year, Chemical Engineering

He’s a loose canon and there’s not enough words to describe him but if we could narrow it down to three they would be geeza, pints, bloke. He’s well known around Jesmond for his booming voice and being a bit of a hustler.

Abigail Frazer, third Year, Animal Science

Boys love her, she’s a Newcastle agric and is always up for a night out. She’s an inspiration to many because of her feral, fun and flirty attitude to life, all essential BNOC qualities if you ask us.

Find the form below and get voting.