Nominations are open for Newcastle’s BNOC of the year 2022

If you think you know Newcastle’s big name on campus, get nominating

We all have that one mate who can’t walk down Osborne Road without them being stopped constantly. Everyone has a story about them (good or bad) and they’re probably a sucker for Shaker every night of the week, except weekends. No trebs? No chance.

If you think you know a big name on campus and they deserve some recognition, then here’s your chance to nominate them for BNOC of year 2022 by filling out the form below.

It could be the guy who sits in Robbo’s smoking area but never seems to step foot in the library, the social sec of your sports team/society or that girl who wouldn’t be seen dead walking into a lecture without a Pret in her hand. And let’s face it, they probably have “DJ” in their insta bio too.

You don’t just have to nominate others, if you want a little ego boost then you’re more than welcome to nominate yourself. As exam season approaches, let’s take our minds off revision and have a bit of fun. Get nominating below people.