Places to study in Newcastle if you’re sick of the uni library

We’re still mourning the loss of Quilliam’s

Now that half of first semester is already gone, some of the monotony of studying has started to settle in. We all love the Robbo and Northumbria’s library, but trudging back and forth to the same place every day can get a little dull.

Here’s a list of new places you can try out to add some variety to your learning and keep the boredom at bay.

The Park

Newcastle has several beautiful parks. If the rain holds off for a day, charge up your laptop, take your reading and enjoy the ambiance and views.

Walk down to the infamous Jesmond Dene waterfall, or stay close to campus in Exhibition Park or Leazes Park.












Your Subject’s Common Room

Every subject has a common room on campus. These are generally a chilled, quiet place to study and usually have computers you can use, desks, and sofas.

They also often have notice boards with information about your subject, or upcoming events for your department, making them more than worth checking out.














The Sage

This is a slightly more unusual suggestion, but the Sage has great ambiance, complete with live piano music! It’s an iconic building in Newcastle so can be fun to go along just to see it.

This is a public space, so there is no need to feel guilty about spending time there. There’s a café in the main area, so you can buy that ever essential coffee.

However, be aware if you decide to bring a laptop there are no plugs available for chargers.


Your Student Union

This can be a fun spot if you like people-watching your fellow students. There’s often events going on, like open mic on Friday’s in Luther’s, the Newcastle uni student bar.

There’s a café and bar on the ground floor, so drinks are always available, as well as quieter study spaces upstairs. Plus there’s also tables in the courtyard if you prefer to work in the fresh air.


Coffee Shops

I’m sure we’re all still mourning the loss of Quilliam’s but Newcastle still has a great selection of both independent and chain coffee shops.

The Coffee Trader, just off of Northumberland Street, has a lot of tables and space but still has a cosy atmosphere, as well as a large menu, with a lot of different drink options.

Pink Lane Coffee, opposite Newcastle Station, is also a great option if you’d like somewhere aesthetic to study.

The Grand is right next to Blackwell’s and Newcastle’s main campus. This is convenient if you need to pick up some books for your reading list, or are studying on Newcastle’s campus.

The Northern Stage is also a great place to get coffee on Newcastle’s campus. There’s often students working here during the day, and there are plenty of places to charge a laptop. The coffee itself, is from the Ouseburn Coffee Company and is perfect for perking you up whilst studying.

However, if you prefer the tried and tested chain coffee shops, Newcastle has five Costas, three Starbucks, and three Cafe Nero’s.

Nothing will replace Quilliam’s in our hearts, but we hope these suggestions help us all to move on from our tragic loss.



The Beach

The beach is only a short metro ride away, with Tynemouth, Cullercoats, and South Shields only a half hour away, and Whitley Bay just a few stops further. If it’s a nice day, why not take your reading to the beach – just don’t get it too close to the water.

Regardless of the weather, it’s so nice to work with a sea view in the background. There are plenty of cafes close to the sea that allow you to do this. These include Rendezvous Café near Whitley Bay, Beaches and Cream near Cullercoats metro, and The View on Tynemouth Longsands Beach.


The City Library and their Café

This is Newcastle’s public library. You can get a free membership if you want to take out books and use their services and they have plenty of computers, places to charge a laptop, and a focused working environment. You can also work in their café, which has hot food and coffee.

If you’re bored of your university’s library, this can be a good alternative. And it’s always good to make use of your local library and get a membership, as it doesn’t cost you anything but helps the library get funding so that they can continue to help the local community.

Some other public libraries you can visit in Newcastle include Jesmond Library, High Heaton Library, Fenham Library and Gateshead Central Library.


At Home

This seems like an obvious suggestion but if you are going to work at home, don’t work on your bed. It’s much harder to focus in a place you’re used to relaxing and it can make it harder to sleep there afterwards. Instead, designate a place in your home to work and make the space calm and pleasant when you plan to work there.

It doesn’t have to be a desk, your space can anywhere that you keep neat and organised. If you get used to focusing when sitting in that spot it can make it easier to be productive. Light a special candle, or listen to a particular playlist while working, so that you associate the sounds or smells with a productive mindset, making it easier to get back into that head space.

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