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Cuttlefish ink, caviar crisps and pheasant pate: The most Rah food at Fenwick

Items you just can’t live without

You thought denim flares and bucket hats were as Rah as it gets. Think again. Fenwick answers all of your Tory prayers.

Have you ever woken up after a heavy night out in swingers and craved truffle mayonnaise? Then Fenwick is calling your name.

Pheasant Pate

The perfect food if you have been missing shooting days with Daddy. This little pot of poshness contains pheasant and cognac like all good food does. The hints of brandy are enough to give you flashbacks of the local country club!

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Beetroot Ketchup

For those days when regular ketchup isn't enough. I don't know about you, but beetroot ketchup is always a go to for me… What else would you need on your chips??

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Dolce and Gabbana Pasta

Dolce and Gabbana pasta.

Let me repeat that, Dolce and Gabbana pasta.

I don't need to say anymore.

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Overpriced Tea

Tea is truly the best invention, and goes with every occasion. Stressed about uni work? Cup of tea. Couldn’t find a seat in the Robbo? Cup of tea. Had an embarrassing night out in Soho? Cup of tea. Can’t say I've ever forked out £18 for one tin though. Think I’ll stick to the PG Tips.

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Ready Meals….. With a twist

Every student loves a ready meal when they have had a busy day at uni but forget the usual Aldi’s own Carbonara that you eat out the packaging so you don’t have to clean up and why not try and Fenwicks extra special ready meal delight. For a small fee of £8.25!!!! Their Pork Dijon meals is the perfect meal for one with tender strips of pork cooked in ‘tangy sherry and mustard sauce’ because that is what everyone spends their loan on right?

Cuttlefish Ink

Now I don’t know about you but I always eat my £2.50 Tesco own risotto and wish I had my cuttlefish ink to give it that extra kick. Luckily for you for a mere £4.99 you can get yourself this absolute essential in Fenwick. You better be quick though because this cooking staple will be flying off the shelves.

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Caviar Crisps

Potatoes are SO versatile. Baked, roasted, mashed, there’s a potato for every occasion. Of course, crisps are truly one of the best forms. But why would you ruin them with CAVIAR? Literally fish crisps. Pass me the ready salted hula hoops over them any day.

Torres? More like Tories.

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Oak Smoked Water

I'm what world do you need oak smoked water? Who came up with the idea and more importantly, who buys it?

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Dolce and Gabbana cake

Who knew that Dolce and Gabbana made cake? Not me anyway. Only £60 and the cake is yours! Absolutely perfect for that student budget. No seriously, who can afford this? At least the tin is pretty.

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