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Here’s everything you need to know about getting a house in Jesmond

Rightmove is your best friend

Most people say that they prefer living in a house than halls – so to some extent you can expect the house to generally be an upgrade from halls.

However, this is still student housing we’re talking about… that means there have been generations of house parties and loving tenants before you, so you can expect a little bit of wear and tear to say the least.

Finding a house is tricky so have a look at lots (even those which don’t even look appealing on Rightmove) before you make your decision. You could be really lucky and find 'the one' at your first viewing, but it is worth having a look at a few at least.

There's a few things you should be aware of and consider as you work your way around the Jesmond streets finding the perfect crib for you.

Disclaimer: you may see some verrrry funny sights while looking around houses – that's a story for another time.

Be wary of estate agents – they can be twats

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When you’re actually looking around a house, if a current tenant is home, ASK THEM! The estate agents don’t know about the loo flush in the upstairs bathroom, and they won’t be honest about how unhelpful the landlord is, you want to hear it from the people who live there (trust us, they’ll be honest with you too). Ask about what it's like living in the house, about how convenient the location is, if they’re happy living there and how much the bills usually are.

The estate agent will be super nice to you, essentially they’re trying to sell something and they also get a hefty agents fee out of you. But in the eyes of the company you’re pretty low down on their list of priorities. There’s not much you can do about this but just make sure they know you’re on it, reply to emails and ask them questions so they remember your name. Don’t take the back seat when you’re renting a house.

Location is important

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Decide your priorities as a house, e.g. distance to Blanc, Waitrose and campus (the main three really) and just have a look at anything within a happy medium for you and your housemates. The main student areas are East and West Jesmond.

If you don't mind about broken glass, squashed K ciders on the street and noisy neighbours, Cavendish or Devonshire are your best bets. They're student hubs so your neighbours will probably be students too.

On the quieter and cleaner side there's Osborne Avenue, Holly and Fern but these streets are much more residential and you could be hit by a noise complaint or two.

The likes of Bayswater and Glenthorn are in West Jesmond nice and close to Sainsbury's and the metro. Perfect if you want to roll out of bed, onto the met and into your lecture!

How much do you want to spend

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Costs vary (obviously) but on average people pay around £100 a week each for their house. You could get one for more like £80 if you don't mind it not being as boujee. It might seem steep but count yourself lucky that you’re not renting in Durham.

There's a Toon wide debate about whether it’s cheaper or not to sort bills yourself or get them included with the rent, and often it’s a deal breaker.

The answer simply is: do it yourself, it's always cheaper but it takes more effort and can be a source of tension if your housemates are disorganised. The only issue is you won’t know any of this until you’re really living there.

Act fast

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This does NOT mean rush into a contract in the first week of September. It means, if you do like a house, reserve it there and then. Estate agents like to move fast and will constantly tell you that there’s 5,000 other interested parties. Don’t let this intimidate you, but if you do like it, go for it!

Be proactive and you’ll get what you want.

Equally, try not to be too upset if the house you really liked gets snatched up fast, there’s so many lovely houses in Jesmond and it’s more important that you like the people you’re living with.

Your housemates are important, but it can actually be quite good if they’re not your best mates

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So many people at Newcastle sign their houses ridiculously early, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but try to get to know the people that you're going to live with for a year before you sign with them. Living in a house is a lot more intimate than living in halls.

As lovely as it may be to live with your group of best friends chances are that you’ll inevitably rub each other up the wrong way about one thing or another, so you may want to avoid this happening between you and your besties.

Also, it’s really nice to have a reason to go out and visit friends in other houses, it’s an excuse to get out if and when things are tense in your own house.

There's advantages and disadvantages to living with your best friends and not living with them, it’s all about balance.

If you’ve got a box room, stop crying

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Having said that though, while looking around houses make sure you’d be happy with the so called 'crap' room if you did have to end up with it.

P.s. the box room is often also the warmest.

Ultimately, Jesmond is great and the houses are a laugh no matter what but taking these tips into account can make sure you have the best year you can!