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8 reasons why staying in Jesmond for a pint is so much better than going out

Osborne Road you have my heart

1. You can start drinking super early and no one will judge you

Fancy a cheeky pint at 12pm? Good, because so does everyone else and it's completely acceptable. So drink away. That doesn’t mean you have to leave earlier though; drinking in Jesmond, you can stay as long as you want and there is no judgement.

2. You can have your late-night snack while you're still drinking

Instead of standing in Swingers calculating how many more hours you have to wait before you can get your long-awaited takeaway, in Jesmond, you can literally dig into your scran while finishing your pint. This mean you really do get the best of both worlds.

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3. No dodgy Ubers

There is no worrying about your five star rating being tarnished by making sure your friend doesn't puke their guts up when you're drinking in Jesmond. You never have to be that person sitting in the front of the taxi having to talk to your Uber driver about Brexit while all your pals are having fun in the back.

If you just go to your local, you’re only around the corner.

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4. It's totally acceptable to not make any effort at all

Nobody cares what you look like. You get all the good bits of a night out without the sore feet from wearing painful heels and the hassle of tanning before you leave. Wear what you want and no judgement will be made. It's the pub, who cares?

5. Pub quizzes over trebs any day

You cannot beat a pub quiz, the chance to win money and bar tabs for answering a few questions really is a good way to pass the time. Most of them are ridiculously cheap to enter and there's always that one ridiculously competitive mate who will Google all the answers, which you can have a little giggle at.

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6. Cheap pints

£2 pints really means there is no excuse to not join in. So when the loan is running dry, you can still have a fun night without denting the overdraft. Pubs are the way to go and Bar Blanc is the holy grail of cheap drinks in Jesmond, with their £2 Tuesday deal it's definitely a must.

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7. No need to feel guilty for drinking

It’s a Sunday night and you’ve been in the pub since 12pm and you’ve got a 9am on Monday. Don't worry about your lecture, you'll still be able to make it to uni feeling semi-fresh. (Only if you don't stay up till the early hours of the morning with your flatmates contemplating life after a heavy pub session).

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8. You can have such a good gossip

A pub means you can catch up with your mates over a few drinks. You can chat about that awkward experience you had on your last night out or that really annoying person on the Metro, the possibilities are endless. If you want a gossip, the pub is the place to go. A nightclub just means endless nodding, even though you have no idea what your friend just said to you.

So when you're a little bit hungover and your friends suggest the pub, you don't really have a reason to turn it down.