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This Northumbria third year smashed out her dissertation in 15 hours

That’s a new record

It's the inevitable part of nearly every undergraduate degree, the dreaded dissertation. Somehow, we're expected to write 10,000 words on a subject that we're allegedly interested in over the course of six months. However, whilst many may spend weeks and weeks adding and editing chapters to produce a work of art, some are maybe not so efficient with their time.

Over on The Northumbria Tab's Instagram story today, there is live coverage of final year Criminology student Alex Conda, who has just completed her full dissertation in a mere 15 hours – which makes her the new national record holder.

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Whilst some may only imagine the challenge to be unachievable, Alex has defied all odds to pull together three years work in record speed.

Alex told The Newcastle Tab that she literally started her whole dissertation yesterday and hadn't done much on it at all this year. She said: "I did do some reading a few months ago and I knew some stuff from a module I've done but other than that I did nothing really until last night.

"My dissertation is about how society chooses men's successes over women's safety and is an exploration into lenient sentencing of one rapist and the rape crisis.

"I'm such a last minute person and I've started an essay five hours before it was due before."

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In a video sent to us by Alex's housemate Dan, we can see footage of Alex saying: "I can't live anymore, shall I take a Jägerbomb?" To which, of course the answer was always going to be yes.

Against all odds, Alex's Jägerbomb fuelled academic extravaganza was completed this afternoon with fifteen minutes to spare before the deadline. A celebratory Habita pizza was more than deserved!

We asked her how she felt when she had finally handed in and she was obviously very happy. She told The Tab: "I feel amazing, it's such a relief. I did think yesterday afternoon I might have to hand in a PEC form when I was procrastinating, but towards the end I knew I would get there because I had to".

Alex's 15 hour cram makes her the current record holder for the fastest dissertation writer EVER. Here's the full rundown:

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Are you an Alex? Have you left your dissertation this last minute and smashed it? Did you have a really rogue dissertation topic? If so, let us know!

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