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This Northumbria student draws Jesmond stereotypes and they’re hilarious


A Northumbria University student is posting her drawings of girls around Jesmond, and they're so accurate.

The illustrator behind the drawings is Sarah Montgomery, a final year Graphic Design student at Northumbria. Sarah posts the drawings with a caption describing her characters, including where they can be found and what they love to wear. The #poshgirlsofjesmond posts are, frankly, not getting enough likes. They're iconic.

Sarah told The Newcastle Tab: "I basically started #PoshGirlsOfJesmond because I was seeing all of these hilarious characters every day on my walk into uni, and was having to listen to some of the most infuriatingly hilarious conversations. I thought drawing them would be a better outlet than my constant eye-rolling. Being an Illustrator also means I'm always trying to practice, so these girls have been giving me plenty of amazing reference material."

Let's be honest, if you don't know someone like one of these girls, then you're lying. Or you're her. Sarah said: " It's been really funny to hear people say things like 'I know someone who is exactly like that' because it is so relatable! Let's be real, you've definitely walked past an Immy or a Tori discussing whether Cosmic or MSA is better at some point in your week.

I'm going to keep drawing them until I find something else which takes my fancy…… #PoshBoysOfJesmond …. ? #watchout."

So who knows, you may become Sarah's next inspiration…