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Newcastle’s Maddest Fresher nomination: Annabel Simpson

A story close to our hearts

The first finalist in The Newcastle Tab's Maddest Fresher competition is Annabel Simpson. Annabel is symbolic of all our fresher experiences: getting blackout drunk in Soho Rooms because the drinks are cheap and it seems like an excellent idea at the time.

Sports Science student Annabel took it the extra mile while out with her friends when she was stretchered out of the motherland, into the back of an ambulance and straight to hospital. Iconic.

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It wasn't prison where Annabel would be spending the night, but the hospital

Annabel has zero recollection of the event, stating she thought her "friends were joking at first", until she saw the hospital band on her ankle. She later received a text from the NHS asking her to rate her hospital stay – classic.

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Visual representation of how we all feel after a night in Soho

Despite having no memory of her time spent in hospital, Annabel would like to thank all of the staff who looked after her. She would also like to thank Clauds Gilchrist for the nomination.

And finally, on what it would mean for her to win, Annabel stated that it would "genuinely mean the world" to her and that while others strive to win a Nobel Peace Prize or even an Olympic medal, this has always been her goal.

Our fingers are crossed for you, Annabel.

Keep yours eyes peeled for our next maddest fresher nomination coming soon.

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