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Brave enough to go clubbing alone? These daredevils did

And they’re obviously braver than you

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The night is young. You’ve ultimately met your deadlines. Or maybe you just can't be bothered to catch up on the heaps of lectures you’ve missed?

You’re itching to get your feet out of the cosy comfort of your home, ready to paint the town red.

ALAS, your pals are being lame and choose a night in. So what should you do, but never actually do? Trek to the club, embrace the chilly temperatures Newcastle throws at you on the way and dance the night away (albeit without your mates).

Solo clubbing isn’t everyone's cup of tea, but some say it really isn't as petrifying as you might think. We spoke to some students who were savage enough to be let loose alone in the Toon.

James, second year

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Tell us about your solo clubbing experience?

I didn't find it hard to encounter people once I was out. I'd go and get a drink and dance, typically either people would come up to dance with me or I'd go up to a group of people who would invite me to spend the rest of the night clubbing with them.

I usually never see these people again but it's incredibly pleasant just enjoying a night with new people when there's no one else around who I know.

Which clubs do you frequent most when clubbing alone?

Rusty’s and Powerhouse as I'm openly gay.

Genevieve, second year

What's your experience going clubbing alone?

I was at a pre-drinks with a bunch of people I met in my halls having moved in the week before, mostly freshers. We had wristbands for free entry to Digi until a certain time. As a non-drinker, I had to agonisingly wait for everyone else to down their drinks.I left for Perdu and Soho because I didn’t want to pay.

As I arrived in Perdu, all I saw were 40-odd-year-olds everywhere. It wasn't really my vibe so I went to Soho. Once I got there, Soho wasn’t much better either. I didn’t feel any connection with anyone to dance with and left for home within 25 minutes. Plus, the songs were the same old boring ones as with any club unless it’s a featured night, which didn’t help much with the situation either.

Layal, third year

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How did you find a group to dance with?

My friend and I decided to take a seat since we were terribly tired. Some guy starts chatting her up. I got up 10 minutes later and let her be (felt like I was third-wheeling). We weren’t super drunk, so I knew to trust her when she nudged me to leave.

I ordered a shot and walked back up to the dance floor. My goal was to seek an approachable group. I found a group of three guys and two girls. The girls were especially vibing, singing simultaneously and dancing closely. Suddenly, they form a circle and I’M IN IT.

I went back halfway to check on my friend and how she was doing. I dragged her from what seemed like a bad conversation and joined the group that had formed. We had a good time!

How did it make you feel?

I will admit that it felt awkward and out of my comfort zone at first, hence the extra shot, but I’m glad I ran into them.

Max, third year

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What was your experience of solo clubbing?

I stayed alone in (ghost) Toon for Christmas 2017 and got so bored I had to go out ASAP. I went to Bar Loco for New Year’s and Worldies on the first night of January, I had such great times, chats, most people were super friendly and nicer than most generic clubs I’ve been to.

Another place I’ve been by myself is MSA just by losing my friends or them flaking. I don’t really remember, same story there, great crowds, great nights, oh, and Kommunity’s often the same in that respect.

Sophie, postgraduate

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What's your experience solo clubbing?

During my second year everyone bought tickets for this night at World HQ that was talked about, but soon everyone sold them and sacked off the night because of work. I didn’t have much work and still wanted to go, so why not alone?

I pre-drank solo, headed into Worldies, surprisingly I got so into the solo night out that I didn’t even care about trying to make friends with some randomers. Everything was so easy! Need a wee? Go. Want a cig? Go. You never had the issue of losing your mates. It was a strange experience but if there’s a DJ that you like and want to go but nobody else does, I would strongly recommend doing it.

Joshua, second year

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Tell us how you generally find solo clubbing?

My first ever club experience was alone. One of my favourite DJs, Don Diablo came to Newcastle. I travelled over 300 kilometres to come see him. Since then I have travelled all over the UK to various clubs. I do this because music is so important to me.

As a DJ myself, I love to learn new techniques and tricks from the professionals. Not all my friends are as passionate about music as I am or as open to different styles, so this gave me the chance to meet new people. I found my best friends this way and never have I felt unsafe. In fact, more the opposite. I am always welcomed into people's groups.

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