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What people really think of Newcastle, according to Tripadvisor

How dare you

Most of us do not have the time of day to write a Tripadvisor review, so thank you to those that do. If you are an oldie here in Newcastle, here is the place to find out what people think of our city…and if you are a fresher, here is what you're in for!

Hurtful comments to our Quayside…and our wildlife

I mean, maybe the Quayside is a bit of an obstacle course.

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We just have no words.

Our love hate relationship with Digi

(Especially if you want some CONSTANT head bopping).

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Jesmond is a gem!

If you don't move out to Jesmond second year… have you actually been a Newcastle student?

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The most underwhelming arch

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Clearly has not been to Cosmic.

Osbornes, the heart of our "studentland"

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Maybe this is why we like it so much, it reminds us of ourselves (a bit frayed around the edges).

At least we feel cultured when we go to The Baltic, right?

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It isn't really worth clicking to read more is it…

At least after all this negativity we still have our "propa" good Flares to keep us going

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But at the end of the day, we're always going to love the Toon aren't we…