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All the reasons why Karma in Yeovil is the best hometown club ever

Always makes ya Thurs-ty


Yeovil is honestly the best-worst town in the whole of the South West. Despite it being often referred to as Yeo-vile (lol so funny), those of us who live nearby rush to its streets every weekend. Neo, of course, is pretty damn great too, but Thursday nights at Karma is the new next best thing. It's cheap, it's cheerful and it's the funniest night out you will ever have.

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Free entry

Free entry every night, what more can I say? No longer the need to bag free entry in Neo for being 'designated driver' or debate with your group about VIP or non-VIP entry (why waste the extra money?). No, in Karma everyone goes free and is welcomed equally into its hospitable doors.

Cheap drinks

Thursday nights at Karma always ensure a night of heavy drinking. £1.50 drinks ALL NIGHT will have you rushing back from uni to your hometown with glee every holidays. Why would you ever want to move to extortionate London with this right on your doorstep? The drinks are cheap and the people are generous. With the dangerously cheap prices the excitement levels grow, and before you've made it to the front of the queue, your mate has bought a round for everyone and you've just bagged yourself a free drink. Not to mention that in Karma, straw-pedoing VK's are totally acceptable. What else is there to love?

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The bar come club set up

Is Karma a club or is it a bar? Who cares? The set up is perfect. Either mingle with your mates on the dance floor and bust some moves or recline in the sofa area. The club is so small you can easily move from d-floor to bar area or vice versa without a care in the world. Whichever mood takes your fancy, you decide. You no longer have to suffer on the dance floor waiting for your friends to get tired – go sit in the bar area and have a gossip or even a cheeky nap.

The dance floor

The d-floor is mostly empty and that's why it's genius. Gone are the days where you have to dance alongside random sweaty men in clubs. The Karma dance floor, before your big group of mates arrive, is usually uninhabited. If its not then your group can easily oust any stragglers and take over. The dancing at Karma always escalates and you will see moves you never knew possible. The dance floor also hides Karma's most handy feature: the infamous hidey hole for all your empties. You don't have to move back to the bar when you've finished your drink and miss your fav JB song. Oh no, just pop your glass on the shelf and continue your thing. Not to mention the twirling disco light feature which is so low you can actually incorporate it into your dance moves.

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Sick DJ and tunes

The music is obviously unrivalled. Going from JB to 'Feed 'em to The Lions', the postage stamp-sized dance floor can get pretty hectic. A word of heart-wrenching advice: never request 'Ugly Heart' to the DJ, it has never nor will ever be played. Cry. Soon, however, you forget this betrayal from the DJ and continue to bop on.

You know everyone there

Forget being at your uni club filled with randomers or people you have been trying to avoid since first year. In Karma you know everyone. Whether you go with a big group and collide into an even bigger group whilst you're out, you will always find a multitude of people crammed into the tiny space. Whether you work with them and it's like summer all over again, or you see your old school maths teacher, the people you bump into in Karma will always make the night.

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So when next casting judgement on a night out in Yeovil, don't knock it till you try it. You will most definitely find yourself a fan of quenching your thirst at Karma's Thursdays.