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The battle for Newcastle’s finest takeaway is here


Ah the takeaway – an essential place after every night out. It's a drunk person's afters, where you catch up with friends from the night and bump into familiar faces. No one has ever lived through uni without waking up with the night before's takeaway in your bed. You also simply can't make a 9am seminar without a bit of grease in your belly. They aren't limited to nights out either. A daytime takeaway? Yes please.

It is, however, always a difficult decision which takeaway to choose in the Toon. Firstly, I'm calling it – SACK MACCIES. Those golden arches of uniformity have no place in my night. No, I want the classic northern cheesy chips and gravy. Or that succulent doner meat. From where though is the question!? Well, the Tab Newcastle has brought you the very best of The Toon's takeaways. Vote for your favourite greasy fix now.


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Munchies is hands down the best place to grab some scran when you’re walking down Bigg Market either still smashed or falling asleep. Never before have I ordered a chicken wrap for it to come with chips in. The best invention ever. There’s also the guaranteed entertainment factor with the punch bag game, lads competing to be the henchest and get the highest score. The busiest 10 minutes of the night but so worth it when you’ve got your carb feast to keep you warm on the long walk home.

NU Eat

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Annoyed with having to go to two different takeaways or having to pay two delivery fees when you’ve got vegan pals over? This takeaway is definitely for you. A total hidden gem in Heaton, NU Eat delivers all over Newcastle. Offering a wide selection of Persian Food, and also offers some of the greatest pizzas you can find in Newcastle. From deep pan to thin crust, from margarita to seafood special, and from as cheap as £4.50, this takeaway is heaven for a student budget. If you spend over £15, they even pop in a cheeky 12” garlic bread WITH CHEESE for free. And for just an extra pound, you can get vegan cheese! Forget expensive Boho, hit me up with a NU Eat pizza anytime.

SU Dominoes

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Situated below Luther’s Bar, the Domino’s we all know and love is conveniently right on campus, claiming “loan-friendly deals” for hungry students. Choose from pizzas, garlic bread, wraps, ice cream and drinks, there are plenty of options to create personalised pizza toppings as well. This is a great takeaway option for on-the-go because you can pick something up quickly in between lectures. Domino’s at the Student Union caters for dietary requirements such as vegetarians, so no one will go hungry if you are getting a group order. Be warned – it can get very busy at lunchtimes and near deadline season!

Get Stuffed

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Get stuffed is underrated. Like its brothers, Salt n' Pepper and Munchies, it serves everything from chip wraps to fried chicken to pizza. What sets it apart from the rest for me, as a woman who will happily eat greasy food at any hour, is the fact that it's open from 10 am! Meaning you can spend 11 am on a Tuesday morning chowing down on a mountain of cheesy chips as a reward for making that 9am on a monster hangover. Big portions too!

Chillies Indian Restaurant

What’s not to love about a ‘20% off if you spend over £30 deal’? It means you basically HAVE to get that extra naan, because it’s essentially free!! With your classic Chicken Rogan Josh as cheap as £5.95 and a pilau rice for £2.60, if you’re on a hangover budget it’s an absolute steal (plus their range of pickle trays is absolutely outstanding). And as if things can’t get any better, they do pizza and kebabs too! Why the hell would you go and spend £19 on a Domino’s when you can get a 12 inch ‘Geordies Delight Pizza’ (cheese, tomato, doner meat, onion, chilli and jalapenos FYI) for £7.50? Gone are the days of scrolling through multiple takeaways, Chillies has the whole deal.


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Located in Bigg Market, Ameen's is your ultimate late night fix for food after Soho, Mono, Tup, The Cut, Flares – basically pretty much anywhere. You want it, Ameen's will have it. They also have the nicest staff ever. It was a freshers favourite for many. So much in fact that when I visited again in second year, the staff actually asked me where I'd been, "you were in here almost every day last year". Well apart from that embarrassing statement, at least it's a testimonial to how great Ameen's is.

Magic Flame

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At the end of every Digi and Feral night, a sea of students flock to Magic Flame. You can't end your night without it. It's like the food afters of your Flares night out. All the Magic and Flames that you ever need are conjured by this chippy. You see the lad you were flirting with on the d-floor, or bump into your Freshers crush. Over banging cheesy chips and gravy or cheesy garlic bread pizza, a mutual love for life is found within these four walls. Everyone is happy to be there and chats nicely with each other in the queue. Heck, Magic Flame can even get wild with people dancing to Adele on the tables. What else do you need in a takeaway?

Vote for your fav now.