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Newcastle’s Best Bums 2017: Nominations are now open

Are you sitting on the rear of the year?

Back again with a competition which causes controversy and stirs conflict, we are scouting around for the best bums in Newcastle.

Do you refer to yourself as 'The Kim K of Jesmond'? Is your mate's arse crying out to be splashed across Facebook instead of being squished into a library chair?

If so, now is your chance to shine.

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All you have to do is send us an email with a photo of the bottom in question, the owner's name, year and course. The more creative, daring and arty the photo, the better.

But remember, whilst we love and appreciate all the bums out there, whatever shape or size, we want classy photos. Photos that would look 10/10 on your Insta, good quality and artsy pics…no blur here please.

These pictures are all fabulous entries from Cambridge's recent edition – don't they look perfect and peachy?

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So if you want to have a laugh and to strut round campus with the sun shining out your arse, then now's the time.

Enter your glorious and beautiful submissions to [email protected] by 26th November 2017.

(Featured images: Cambridge edition. )