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Everyone’s going crazy for groovy pizza restaurant Central Oven & Shaker

‘In crust we trust’

Recently, it seems to us, that everyone around uni has been raving about Central Oven & Shaker.

This quirky pizza and cocktail joint is just opposite Central Station and equipped with DJs and funky lights, it will be the pizzeria to fulfil your cheesy dreams.

As it seems to be the talk of the Toon, we decided to head down there and try what they have to offer.

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For a Thursday it was a busy evening and as the restaurant often collaborates with club nights such as Off The Record, Dr Beat & Rebel, the atmosphere was groovy.

The pink disco lights brightened up the diners experience, as did the DJ in the corner playing out all your fave soul and 90s hits.

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We ordered the Four Shroom pizza and Pesto Chicken. My Four Shroom had four different types of mushrooms (obvs) and a Fior di Latte cheese topping, it was shroomazing.

The cocktails weren't too shabby either. Pizzas starting at £7 and the average pizza being around nine quid, it didn't break the bank but a welcome change from your classic Eat4Less.

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It's a yes from us

The pizzas were glorious, so if you want a fun and quirky evening at the jazziest restaurant in town Central Oven & Shaker may just be that place.