The Newcastle Badminton team forwarded a newsletter with old members in blackface

The club had previously been rewarded for their inclusivity by the SU

The Newcastle University Badminton team forwarded a newsletter from an old player to their members with a picture of ex-team members in blackface.

The email, sent out on Monday, contains a photo showing seven members in blackface and all adorning Jamaican themed costume.

The newsletter is advertising their trip to Holland for the World's Largest Student Badminton Tournament.

The pictures alongside this image appear to be past members at other socials dressed in science and fluorescent fancy dress.

The newsletter also contained a picture of former club members dressed up as Maasai people

The Newcastle University Badminton Team President told The Tab Newcastle: "This image is from many years ago and involves no active members of the Badminton club. The club unreservedly condemns this behaviour and instead encourages a culture of diversity throughout our club".

In response to how many BME members were part of the club the President said: "We have 123 members in our club and you don't need to declare your ethnic background in order to join. We accept all Newcastle University students and attend the International Freshers Fair.

"We have been rewarded in the earn your stripes initiative for our inclusive policies. I forwarded the email from an alumni member without thoroughly checking the content and apologise for any offence".

A spokesperson for Newcastle University said: "We were made aware of this photograph today, which was taken several years ago and none of the people pictured are current students. However, this photograph is clearly offensive and goes against everything we stand for at Newcastle University. All societies and clubs at Newcastle University are the responsibility of the Students' Union and the matter has been raised with them and is being addressed."

Here is the newsletter in full that was forwarded: