This fourth year in Jesmond lost his signet ring and put up posters trying to find it

There’s a cash reward for whoever finds it


A Newcastle student has lost his signet ring, and has put posters up around Jesmond in a desperate attempt to find it.

The signet ring, a signature staple for many a hand in Jesmond, belongs to a Civil and Structural Engineering student. He told The Tab Newcastle he lost the ring in the early hours of last Saturday during a drunken walk around the top of the Dene.

The ring has a deer insignia on the front, and the poster states a good cash reward will be given if found.

The student told The Tab: "Jokes aside, it's pretty invaluable so it means a lot to me sentimentally. I'm still hopeful there's some good humans out there."

So common guys, help a friend out and find his most prized possession. Get lookin.

If you see any glinting stags floating around Jesmond then please give The Tab Newcastle a message on Facebook.