Five Northumbria students get matching blueberry treble tattoos

It’s fucking classic

The humble blueberry treble is Newcastle's most infamous drink. As students we drink them every night for three years and rave about them to our home friends. Everybody loves a Soho blueberry treble and there's no denying it. Five girls from Northumbria have, however, taken the life of trebs one step further.

This week Northumbria students Rhiannon Bowry Williams, Zoe Mason, Heather Moore, Emily Dawson and Sally Brown have got matching blueberry treble tattoos. Sally currently works at Soho Rooms and Rhiannon and Heather have done so in the past. This is taking dedication to your job to the next level. Three of the girls have the tattoo their ankle, whilst the other two on their ribs.

Speaking to The Tab Newcastle Sally said: "trebs are for life, not just for uni. Where there’s a treb there’s a way."

This is classic Newcastle student treble mania and we love it. Free blueberry trebs for life we say.