Everyone’s going to go crazy for Newcastle’s new dog cafe

Dog and Scone opens on Saturday

The Tab Newcastle went to experience Newcastle’s brand new dog cafe. It has officially made our dreams come true. Opening on Saturday the 3rd of June, Dog and Scone, found just off Bigg Market, is home to six lovely doggos: Momo the Toy Poodle, Bichon Fries Lucky, Yorkshire Terrier Yuki, Toy Poodle Morning, Welsh Corgi, Coffee and Laughing the Pug. They are excitable and just so cute.

You have to pay £5 on entry which will help with vet bills, food, grooming and toys, but if it’s your birthday, you can get free entry. The dogs are owned by dog lovers Shi Shi and Rainbow Noi who will bring them to the cafe every day. The cafe is forest themed which, according to their website, is ‘the environment you need to relax’. You can also buy drinks, and food whilst playing with the doggos.

Shi Shi spoke to the Chronical and said: “We are very excited to be opening up…Since I visited a dog cafe in Korea, opening one of my own has been my dream.”

Feeling hungover? Feeling homesick? Feeling melancollie? Well, your cravings to stroke a dog and feel immediately better about life have just been fulfilled. Honestly take a trip down to Dog and Scone, it won’t disappoint.


You can book a table online here.