The Tab Newcastle is looking for new section editors

We’re building the team for 2017/2018

We are looking for new section heads for the Newcastle Tab Team 2017/2018! Anyone interested can apply, old or new, it would be great to have anyone interested have more responsibility.

The section head positions that can be applied for are:

– News Editor
– Features Editor
– Fashion Editor
– Recruitment and Social Media Editor
– Events Editor

Events Editor would be an extremely useful position to have in Newcastle, keeping track of all of the new events and doing the weekly Clubbers of the week. We would also love a Recruitment/Social Media Editor to help make our following and social media pages grow. Fashion Editor would be in charge of our weekly Campus Fashion feature.

To apply please could you think of and detail:

– 3 article ideas
– 1 idea on how to grow our page
– 1 idea on how to recruit new people to the team

The application doesn’t have to be long – we would just love to hear your ideas!

Find the application form here.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please submit your application by 23/04/2017. See you next term!