There’s going to be a charity R&B night in World Headquarters on Monday

Going to be a banger

SKIP Newcastle have set up an event on Monday, 20th of March in WHQ. The event will play old classics from Beyonce, Snoop Dogg and Rhianna – only a few of the artists that will be featured. It is a classic 90s/00s Hip-Hop and R&B night, everyone’s feel good favourite. For the special occasion, they have hired one of the DJs who does Shake @TheCut and tickets are only £5. For once boycott Trop and forgo Digi Monday’s in order to party for a good cause.

All proceeds are going to help install concrete water filters in rural Cambodia where access to clean water is non-existent. This leads to multiple health issues and lack of school attendance. Each year SKIP sends two waves of Newcastle students to a village, so small you can’t even find it on Google Maps, to teach children English, but mainly Heath and Sex Education with the help of a translator.

The charity and night is all student run, with second year English Literature student Lydia and second year Medic Ciara running the whole thing. Organiser Lydia told The Tab: “It’s rare that you can actually get drunk for a good cause, and all the money is going to help really vulnerable people. It’ll be nice to spend my loan on something worthwile!”

Free cake is also rumoured to appear…. So get on your dancing shoes, or Air Max, and head down to WHQ to have fun for others futures.