NUSU Elections: Meet the candidates for Editor of The Courier

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All this week The Tab has been running articles summarising the candidates running for each position in the NUSU elections.

Finally, last but not least (despite Tab-Courier rivalry), below are the nominations for Editor of the Courier.

Voting closes on Thursday.

Ruth Loeffler

Studies: History & Politics

Ruth’s campaigning for a non-Ruthless Courier, and has been working on the Lifestyle section for the last three years. She told The Tab: “all the trashy amazing stuff like Blind Dates comes from me and let’s face it, that’s the best part of the paper.”

“I want to stay in Newcastle because I’m secretly in love with Pete the bouncer and I just need enough trebles to tell him the truth”.

Ruth’s main manifesto points are:-

  1. Introducing a monetary advice column in The Courier to help cash-strapped students.
  2. Provide loyal Courier readers with rewards and deals at local food/drink outlets
  3. Promote the Courier’s online presence further.
  4. Engage with societies more.
  5. Use The Courier to raise awareness for mental health.

You can watch Ruth’s campaign video here


Sophie Ahmed

Studies: English Literature

Sophie won Columnist of the Year at the 2016 Media Awards, and has previously worked at The Independent. 

Sophie’s main manifesto points are:-

  1. Using The Courier to enable Newcastle students to engage with their city by promoting art exhibitions, sport events and local festivals via the newspaper.
  2. More interaction between writers and editors at The Courier.
  3. More interaction between The Courier and university societies.
  4. Introduce a load of new features and games in the paper, such as the Blind Dates section.
  5. Maintain the high design standards of the paper and also establish a team of photographer to avoid copyright issues on photos used.

You can watch Sophie’s video here.


Sam Jermy

Studies: Media & Journalism

Sam is a Premier League and Football League-accredited sports journalist, who also serves drinks at Mens Bar.

Sam’s main manifesto points are:-

  1. Email newsletters to send Courier articles straight to reader’s inboxes.
  2. Social media integration to increase readership.
  3. Providing broadcast training days for writers in order to help them in their media career.

You can watch Sam’s campaign video here.


Daniel Robertson

Studies: History & Politics

Dan is already deputy editor at The Courier and last year he was a nominee for NUSU’s outstanding contribution to student media award.

  1. Establish a social media team to increase The Courier’s web presence
  2. A complete rebrand of The Courier, coinciding with a greater visual presence throughout campus in the form of posters and promotional media.
  3. Ensure The Courier represents the university’s vast diversity
  4. Promote new emerging musical talent through The Courier.
  5. Create closer links with societies.
  6. Promote student media and tackle low engagement levels.


James Sproston

Studies: Geography

James already holds a number of roles at university, including being a representative on the Student Council; as well as joining in Model United Nations society and the Sepak Takraw club.

James’ main manifesto points are:-

  1. Refreshing The Courier’s look and encouraging more online readers.
  2. Increase reporting in the sports section back to the 5-page format seen in previous years and an increase in live reporting of sports fixtures.
  3. Re-introduction of a societies section of the paper, allowing societies to directly voice their opinions and advertise their events.
  4. A permanent restoration of The Courier’s puzzles section to its full-page former glory.
  5. Increasing engagement between The Courier and sabbatical officers, societies and Union superiors.

You can watch James’ campaign video here.