Newcastle’s Bachelorette: Group three results



Isabella Mears has succeeded in winning group three of The Tab Newcaslte’s Bachelorette competition.

Lancashire lass Isabella won the hearts of our voters, winning 31% of the vote. We will next see Isabella joining the winners of group one and group two in the Bachelorette final. Isabella’s sassy chat up line was: “I heard you’re good at algebra, will you replace my X without asking Y?”

There were over 1,000 votes in group three and second and third place were not far behind. Rose Hinds came in at second place with 30% of the vote and Olivia Cooper was in third place with 29%. “Shots?” was Rose’s simple yet effective chat up line.

Runner up

Isabella and Rose will join the winners and runners up of group one and group three in the final tomorrow.

Here are the full results:

[infogram id=”8339d64e-780c-4c2c-a254-911e5b351beb”]