We asked people at other universities what they think of Newcastle students

‘Slightly trashy’

We all know that Newcastle is the best university in the country and that we’re the gods and godesses of England’s most northern university; but The Tab wanted to find out what everybody else thought of us.

We may think we are far cooler than Durham students and far superior to those at Northumbria, but what do they think in return? Sipping trebs, munching on chips and gravy and rubbing shoulders with Geordie Shore whilst sporting some outrageously wavy garms appear to be the most popular stereotypes.

First impression

“Work less, party more.” – Flossie, Exeter 

“Fun, loud and outgoing (slightly scary if you’re not one of them)!” – Emma, Cambridge 

“They like to think they go to Leeds or Bristol.” – Josh, Leeds

“They all went to a prestigious school in the South and have travelled to the North to take advantage of the cheap bevs and their new found love of drugs.” – Will, Northumbria

“Weird accents. I lived with a Geordie last year and every time he spoke he’d get an echo back from whoever was in the room just mimicking him.” – Molly, Manchester


“‘Edgy ‘ clothes, bucket hats and wavy shirts.” – Flossie, Exeter 

“Brave – more layers should be needed on nights out than the pictures portray.” – Emma, Cambridge 

“You all went on a gap year and like constantly reminding people of this.” – Josh, Leeds

“If you don’t wear a puffa jacket or fur coat do you even Jesmond? Along with dressing like a homeless man, but owning half of Surrey.” – Will, Northumbria

“Hard as nails because of how cold it is up there!” – Cathy, Swansea 

Night life 

“It’s all about trebles and getting super drunk.” – Diana, Manchester 

“Slightly trashy, but a lot of fun and cheap. I’m picturing chips and gravy ending every night out.” – Emma, Cambridge 

“As long as I can remember its always had the rep as the best city for nightlife in the UK.” – Charlotte, Leeds

“Can’t beat it really, trebs bars and huge events gives Northumbria and Newcastle something to agree on.” – Will, Northumbria 


“The cooler siblings to the dickheads at Durham.” – Megan, York

“Fun ‘up for anything’ attitude, but equally laid back AF.” – Flossie, Exeter 

“Snobby exterior, although some of you are alright when you accept the fact that going to a Poly doesn’t make me a bad person.” – Will, Northumbria 

“Basic druggies who have a great chance of meeting shite reality TV stars.” – Jack, LSE

Photo credit – Max Cooper