Students upset as Eat4Less prices soar

Cost of baguettes are up 25%

Newcastle’s beloved cheap & cheerful food outlet is no longer quite as cheap (but is still just as cheerful… so long as you hurry up and decide between Texas BBQ and Piri before reaching the petrifying and formidable wall which makes up the Eat4Less customer service team).

As of today Eat4Less have increased the prices of some of their products – a baguette now costs £1.25 (up 25% from 99p), while their famous meal deal (a baguette + fries + a can) now costs £2, up from £1.75; and breakfasts now cost £1.50.

The queue outside still looks like the second coming of Jesus, despite the price rises

Olly, third year history, has been left gobsmacked and outraged by the higher-than-inflation price hikes. He told The Tab: “I’m so unhappy. The familiar buzz I usually have in the queue about spending less than a pound on lunch has been snatched from me. I blame Nigel Farage.”

Despite the price rises, Eat4Less is still by far, undoubtedly, the cheapest place to get lunch in Newcastle – with many other food outlets offering a meal deal which is neither a meal, nor a deal.

It’s because of its cheap prices and service with a smile that the queues outside Eat4Less are like something you’d expect from the second coming of Jesus.

But with this sacred Novocastrian institution now increasing their prices, The Tab wonders; ‘is nothing sacred anymore? How long will it be until trebles in Basement are no longer £5?’