Campus Style: Flip-flop police

There’s no excuse

The temperature’s rising, and with it comes the amount of people who think it’s alright to have your feet out in public. 

We asked people what their excuse is.

Here’s what they said.


Jacob Layfield, Dentistry

Excuse: “My heels didn’t go with this outfit.”


Nick O’ Driscoll, Classics

Excuse: “These are sliders, chief.”


Amy Brookes, History

Excuse: “The question you should be asking is: Why ISN’T everyone wearing flip flops?”


Will Medhurst, English Literature

Excuse: “What? I’m vegan.”


Michael Damanhuri, Ancient History

Excuse: “I have no clean socks and I cant afford to do laundry.”


Mikey Callaghan, Biology and Psychology

Excuse: “With a smile like this, no one cares what I’m wearing on my feet.”