Newcastle students win £2k in pub quiz at The Lonsdale

They put in £1 each

Team ‘Quizzy Mcquiz Face’ won over £2,000 last night at The Lonsdale Pub Quiz – meaning the team of 11 have each taken home £180 each.

The students had entered the weekly raffle for £1, and their ticket was picked to play for the £2,000 jackpot.

The Lonsdale have a board with playing cards in envelopes on it and to win, the contestant has to pick the envelope with the Joker in.

The jackpot’s been a rollover since September, but it reached it’s £2,000 limit a few weeks ago.

The group, who attend the quiz every Thursday, came first in a quiz round – adding another £10 to their prize fund.

Although they’d won a few rounds in previous weeks, they’d never taken home more than the £10 quiz prize.

Celebrations escalated very quickly for the prizewinners, as they chose to spend a chunk of their winnings on wine, cider and two litres of Absolut vodka.

Stephanie Redfern, one of the winners, told The Tab how they went home to split the money up: “We got very drunk! We were so scared of getting mugged on the walk back.”

It soon turned into a very messy night for the group, but they’re still not sure how they’ll be spending the rest of the prize.