Yes-man Chris Young wants YOUR vote for NUSU President

He eats Creme Eggs all in two bites because he likes to get things done

With NUSU elections starting next week, The Tab decided to interview third year Politics and Sociology student Chris Young, who’s running for the role of President.

A Liverpool FC fan, Chris’s CV includes working for Newcastle Student Radio; being a member of the RAG team; winning an ncl+ award for Outstanding Contribution to Media; and being on the Student-Staff committee for Politics and Sociology – meaning he is already a voice for the students.”I’m hoping to do a Masters next year before going into the Civil Service or the Home Office in later life”.

In Chris’s campaign video, below, he states; “when you think of Newcastle you think of many things…. honesty, integrity, diversity… Sinners, Munchies, Geordie Shore”.

Chris is also utilising other forms of social media to promote his campaign – i.e. Tinder.

Now for the questions that matter:

How do you eat a Creme Egg?

“I don’t mess around, I like to get things done. So I eat Creme Eggs all in two bites”

Is it pronounced ‘Scone’ as in ‘Gone’ or ‘Scone’ as in ‘Cone’?

“This is a difficult one for me because I alternate. For instance sometimes I’ll say “Newcassul” and sometimes I’ll say “Newcaaaaarsle”.

Chris as a baby #foreveryoung

Squeeze the bag or let it brew?

“Let it brew”.

Favourite Netflix programme?

Community – which was cancelled for being too niche apparently”.

What’s your take on the Drummond Puddle crisis?

“I think the way it took off was so British. Hilarious.”

If you were a drink what drink would you be?

“Coca Cola Cherry because I’m exotic and undiscovered”.

His 5-point plan for NUSU includes:

  1. Promoting a greener Newcastle by improving the recycling system and saving energy and making sustainability a core part of the NUSU strategy. He also wants to provide cheaper Metro travel for societies that have fixtures outside of the cheap-to-travel Zone A.
  2. Improving communication between the Uni and students by further empowering the Student-Staff Committees;
  3. Giving societies more promotion. Chris acknowledges that various societies struggle to gain members and wants to use the TV screens dotted around campus to promote Society events and fixtures;
  4. Better room booking system so that societies and groups can meet more easily;
  5. Set up an official university Text Book Exchange which will be similar to the Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange but for expensive University reading lists.

The fifth of Chris’s plans is popular at Universities in Canada, where he lived for four months in 2015 (last Semester), undertaking a dissertation about international exchange students. While there he developed an obsession for Tim Hortons. If elected, he wants a Tim Hortons in the Student Union.

Voting for the elections begins at 9am on February 22nd (Monday), closing on February 25th (Thursday). Results will be announced at 7.30pm the same day.