Newcastle uni has deleted the software that creates The Courier

You won’t be getting your first copy of the term

The Courier is unable to print their first edition of the year as the uni deleted the software they need to make it. 

The software, which is crucial in printing the paper every week, compiles written articles by reporters and helps editors lay the paper up.

It means The Courier will be unable to print their first issue of 2016 impacting on the Valentine’s Day issue to be skipped.

A Courier writer told The Tab: “We’ve had some computer problems which have meant the first issue this year won’t be printed but it will still be published online”.

Writers for the paper were informed the Valentine’s day articles they wrote for this issue won’t be published in the paper, but will be put online via Facebook.

Other articles written will be submitted for the issue the week after.

A Facebook post to writers said: “The uni has deleted the software we use to edit and it will not be recovered for another few days. So this issue will be delayed by a week. Time sensitive articles will be posted in the courier online.”

The paper aims to get printed 20 times an academic year.