Kate’s food challenges: I ate 35oz of fish and chips in 20 minutes

It was called ‘Oh my COD’

Just off of Jesmond Dene in Sandyford, the Blue Bell pub had asked me to come down and set the benchmark for their new “Oh my COD” Fish and Chip food challenge.

This consists of a 35oz fish, 2 portions of fries and 2 portions of peas (I chose garden, but mushy if you prefer). It is now available to anyone who wishes to give it a go, as long as you give The Blue Bell 24 hours notice!

This was actually my second attempt of the challenge, the first time I had a crowd of about 30 people cheering me on. But I tried it, the nerves got to me and I failed with only a few bites of batter and chips remaining. Was such an embarrasing performance.

But I decided to come back five days later, determined to win.

The fish was cooked to perfection and the chips were so more-ish. The better quality of the food – obviously the more I’ll enjoy the challenge.

I was powering through this time, polishing off the fish in just over eight minutes – surprising myself as well as a few onlookers. This time I was on a winning streak, just wishing I could have done this performance last time.

There were so many chips, they never seemed to stop (not that I’d usually mind, but now I had an aim of doing it under 20 minutes.)

I managed to complete the entire challenge in just 20 minutes and 54 seconds. I was so happy to finally have a win.

The staff were so lovely, especially head chef Scotty who made the delicious challenge.

If you want to see me finishing it: please check out my video is below: