Meet the Newcastle real tennis team

They train at Jesmond Dene

Real Tennis may sound pretty random, but it’s becoming a popular sport at unis across the country.

With only 43 courts in the world and numerous quirky rules, it’s fair to say the sport is pretty niche.

The university championships are fast approaching at the end of November, so we caught up with the Newcastle team who practice at Jesmond Dene.

Callum, third year, Pharmacology


Night: Throwback.
Food: Donner wrap from Munchies.

Hugh, third year, Geography


Night: Sinners then onto flares.
Food: Munchies cheesy chips  of course.

Jambo, third year, Geography


Night: Tiger Wednesdays.
Food: Cheesy garlic bread.

Lucy, Master’s, Marine Biology

Night: Flares!
Food: Cheeky Nandos.

Naomi, Master’s, Cloud computing/Maths

Night: Empress then World HQ.
Food: Can’t resist cheesy chips, although have been known to cook pasta and cheese sauce from scratch (surprised I’ve not burnt down my kitchen yet!)

Toby, second year, International Business and Spanish

Night: Swingers.
Food: Jacob crackers dipped in humous.

Lukas, second year, Law

Night: Digi Mondays.
Food: Munchies chips.

George, first year, Business management

Night: enjoy a night in
Food: cherry tree in jesmond has some beastly nosh

You can keep up with the Newcastle Real Tennis Club here.