It’s official: Rahs are the worst thing about Newcastle

Sorry Hugo

Over 1000 of you voted in our recent poll asking what you hate most about Newcastle.

A whopping 24 per cent said Rahs were the worst thing about living in Newcastle.

Urban dictionary defines a Rah as “Someone who went to private school (or wish they had), likes rugby (not football), probably a member of a rowing, sailing or yachting club, refer to their parents as “Mummy and Daddy.”

Lucy Robinson, second year Geography told The Tab she thought Rahs “Speak like the queen but dress like slobs. They’re all pretentious, like an elite race”.

In close second was the lack of city centre Zara, followed by paying entry into uni cub nights and the climate.

Other results included Northumbria, shitty Tab articles, promoters on Northumberland St and too many Northerners complaining about Southerners.

Here are the results you selected from.

Rahs are even more hated than the Newcastle weather