Second year celebrates poker winnings by buying 50 £1 cheeseburgers

He started a food fight with them

After winning £50 at a boozy Jesmond Poker night, George Jeavons-Fellows spent his winnings on 50 McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

Newcastle’s BNOC went to McDonald’s to order the burgers which he shared with friends and strangers in the restaurant.

After only managing to eat a few, the group decided to start a food fight with the leftovers, before being kicked out.

Second year George said: “It was a lot harder to order them than I first thought, I even had to speak to the managers before they made the order. But after five minutes of convincing them it was actually happening.”I ended up having to pay before the order went through so they knew it was legit and I wouldn’t just run off.

“After receiving our meal we emptied the bags in the middle of a big table for friends and strangers to dig in. Obviously we only managed to eat a few of them, so the food fight erupted.

“Unfortunately the fun had to stop after the management received  a few complaints about the flying burgers and we were escorted out of the restaurant, with the remaining burgers still in hand.

“On our walk back to Castle Leazes we started handing them to lucky strangers on the street and a couple of grateful homeless people.

“I woke up next day with half eaten burgers still on my desk, wrappers everywhere and pictures on my phone to explain everything.

“It was money well spent.”

Third year, Luke Boobbyer who was there for the feast said: “George ate three of the burgers. After that we started to hand the rest out.

“Getting bored of this we used the rest as ammunition and thew them around the place. The management quite clearly didn’t enjoy this and set security on us.

“All I really remember is hearing one of the boys shout back ‘You and what army?’…Then the army came.”