Meet the Newcastle Ultimate Frisbee team

Do you even disc?

It may sound pretty rogue, but Ultimate Frisbee is a popular sport at unis across the country.

The non contact sport is played using a disc on an American football pitch, and they train four times a week. We spoke to the people behind the team, asking a bit about where they like to go out in Newcastle.

Will, third year, Biomed

Club president, permanently injured since 2013

Night out: Sinners, Popworld for the karaoke (“Teenage Dream” preferred song) and always end up at Wolrd HQ to throw some groovy shapes.

Food: Munchies on Percy Street, the other ones just don’t compare.

Eric, third year, Chemistry

Club captain

Night out: Soul Jam at WHQ, I was born in the wrong generation.

Food: Cheesy Chips in a Wrap from Munchies just up from the gate, carbs on carbs is healthy right?

Katie, third year, Media

Women’s Captain

Night out: Flares or Rustys are always a good night.

Food: Tasty jacks. Also I’ll buy a kebab and then a pizza for the morning, can never have too much food.

Charlie, third year, Pharmacology

Men’s vice

Night out: Soul Jam, is there any better?

Food: Can’t go wrong with Munchies.

Dianne, third year, Biomed



Food: Cheesy chips in a wrap with lots and lots of mayo.

Max, third Year, Politics

Captains award 2015

Night out: Throwback at the SU plays some absolute tunes.

Food: Salt and Peppers’s donner Kebab with garlic mayo, I don’t even need breakfast the next day.

Beth, second year, English Literature

Social sec

Night out: Bar crawl featuring to name a few – Flares, Popworld, Sinners finishing of course in Tiger Tiger.

Food: Salt and Pepper – Margherita or Mushroom Pizza.

Fred, second year, Marine Tech

Night out: Shake Wednesdays at The Cut and any other Hip Hop, R&B night. Love a good dance.

Food: Big fan of Munchies.

Jessie, third year, Psychology

Night out: Groovy wonderland at Tiger (I try to move rooms to where S Club 7 plays).

Food: Chips! I’m from America and they’re way better than our fries.

Jello, second year, Medic

Night out: Popworld then Flares are my classic combo.

Food: Cheesy beans on toast at home is always a winner.

You can like Newcastle University Ultimate Frisbee here.