A Newcastle woman has accidentally invited 20,000 people to ‘Julie’s hen party’

Azeem has been notified

A Newcastle woman has accidentally created a viral sensation to rival Azeem’s flute recital after 20,000 people clicked attending to her hen party.

With the orders to “Invite anyone who I [Julie] missed off”, Newcastle’s latest bandwagon was created.
Kind students around the city offered to help with the celebrations, offering to provide entertainment and even strippers.
Even celebrity appearances were arranged.
However due to high demand, tickets for the event sold out in seconds.
Civil engineering third year and hen party enthusiast Liam says: “It’s going to be the highlight of everyones year. Already started saving my pennies for the big night. See you soon Julie!”
A baffled Julie responded to the massive viral sensation, posting on Facebook: “What is going on with my hen night??? I’m all for people bringing friends but I only actually know 24 of the 92 people who are now apparently attending my hen do!! What the fuck people?!”
I hope to see you all at The Goose on November 6th for celebrations with our dear friend Julie.