What do you miss about Ricky Road?

‘I miss burning peoples’ names into the carpet’

It’s the dregs of Newcastle University accommodation but is famous for its social life. But before Richardson Road gets knocked down next summer, we asked a few second years what they miss about living in the accommodation block.

Jenny, History and Archaeology

“I miss the heating always being on and how close everyone was. And the fridge door that always came off. ”

Chloe, History

“I loved the high quality standards of the bathroom and kitchen, how comfy the sofas were and how it was always clean.”

Parram, Biomed

“I miss burning peoples’ names into the carpet.”

Chloe, Fine Art

“I miss the cleaners who told you their life story. They were so chatty.”

Matt, History

“I miss wrecking it.”

Kyle, Business Management

“I loved the social life and being so close to the gym.”

Georgina, Maths

“I miss the people at reception who looked after my Asos parcels when I wasn’t in.”

Rhiannon, Business Management

“I miss holding the oven door shut so that my food would cook.”

Isabel, Economics

Living in Ricky – a series of unfortunate events

“Cuddles were always available.”

Olivia, English Literature

“I miss zero shits being given by anyone. It was so fun.”

Adam, Accounting

“I miss the cleaner calling me ‘pet’. She was a lovely lady.”