Meet the Newcastle third year whose betting business could make you a grand

He made £190 in 5 minutes

A Newcastle graduate has co-started a business which can make you £1000 or more risk free through betting offers.

Cam Sayce, a third-year Economics and Business student, has helped set up with two friends at Bath and Southampton.

It gives students the opportunity to make guaranteed money from the bookies, with software that finds offers that will give you a definite jackpot, whatever the outcome of your wager.


Third-year Cam, making dollar


Betting companies have many sign-up offers, which the site guarantees to turn in to cash for punters. Offer by offer, winnings could accumulate to some high figures.

Cam also says you don’t even have to be a gambling type to get involved with the site.

He said: “I liked a flutter every now and then, but I was a real small-stakes better.”

“My mates and I just realised that with a bit of simple maths, we could make risk-free money easily for ourselves and other people.

“It’s been great, I managed to make £190 in 5 minutes the other day and started celebrating in my lecture.”

Winning bets, cashin’ cheques

The site has three areas – a free area, with an introduction to matched betting and two bookmaker offers to set the ball rolling. Then, a premium area with over 25 bookmakers, which Cam says would lead to make over £1000. Safe.

There is also a Premium plus section which could make you £100 a month through bookie reload offers.

Cam, along with Bath student Steve McDonnell and Southampton second-year Matt Wareing then decided to set the website up so that others could take advantage of their system.

So, is this legal? It almost seems to good to be true, especially to the ears of cash-strapped students. Well, amazingly, yes.

A William Hill spokesperson, Graeme Sharpe, says ‘There is no illegal element [to matched betting]’

‘It’s a free bet and you can do what you like’.

So with the clearance of the law, the lads started their pursuit of safe bets.

Cam said: ‘It was pretty amazing seeing how many different offers bookies throw out there to take advantage of. Some of my mates who gamble were a bit sceptical at first, but have realised that it really works.’

‘We’ve already had a big amount of interest in the site, which guides through where to place your bets to win you the money.’

Cam says he just about manages to keep up with his degree, even with the business alongside.

‘It was pretty hectic as we were trying to set it up, but now the site is fully up and running, I’ve just been trying to spread the word.’

The site has a temporary 20% discount offer for their premium services which can be redeemed by using the code: MBE20